Beware the 5 Lies Told Sellers!

1. The home value statistics on websites like Zillow are inaccurate. “Price Estimates” even by professionals can be worse.

2. Today the average home in our market does NOT sell. (Only 54.4% do.)

3. Of the 54.4% of homes that do sell, most go through more than 3 price reductions. (Basically, YOU are doing all the work in marketing your home by lowering the price, not your agent.)

The average Days on Market (DOM) that almost every agent uses is inaccurate. Right now, the MLS says the DOM in Montgomery County is  98 days. The TRUE DOM is 215 days.

5. Of the homes that do sell, most sell for 12% Less than the original sales price.

If your Home is listed at $300,000 – poof! You just lost $36,000 and suffered 215 days of stress, people tramping through your home, and scrambling to empty your closets every time a tire kicker “buyer” – doesn’t buy.

There are 5 Reasons why home sellers are mislead into losing thousands of dollars and months of time.

1. Inaccurate Market Statistics

Inaccurate market statistics, like zestimates on popular sites like zillow.com are inaccurate and confusing. To protect consumers, we publish and distribute the Truth in consumer protection articles, graphics, podcasts, and videos to 1000s of websites. The truth is that general market statistics probably do NOT apply to your home and are often distorted deliberately by these websites to confuse you and get you to contact real estate agents advertising on their website.

2. Inaccurate Pricing

The way most agents are trained to create a price analysis is so wildly inaccurate that most agents attempts at pricing are really using the “Guess and Get Lucky ” strategy i.e. “I guess it will sell at about this price…No? You don’t like that number? Well, we can Go with whatever you think it’s worth….and hope we GET lucky….”

To protect you, our in depth RVM or Real Value Model valuation process includes 4 levels of pricing research, that account for 108 unique variables that we have identified that effect what your home is really worth. Homes are not like loaves of bread, each one is unique, and accounting for your homes unique features helps us more effectively price your home accurately. We can even show you how many buyers are in the market and exactly how likely your home is to sell in any given month based on proprietary algorithm.

3. Bad Real Estate Internet “Marketing” 

Most real estate marketing, is actually just basic advertising and it HURTS Your Final Sale Price. Mostly it consists of a few things like a yard sign, a dozen bad photos ( you know what we mean) paper flyers, an open house and putting the home in the MLS. Even worse, one of the first things they do is to “syndicate” your listing to 15 sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com — which helps these websites sell ads to agents but not sell your home. The average dollar amount spent on “marketing” a home is only $325.

We control hundreds of websites and online accounts where we feature your home in gorgeous HD video and photo. Our no Ads, no spam, No hassles policies help buyers focus on your home and keep them away from agents who would steer them away from your home and towards their own listings.

Our premium listing program (consumer value at over $10,000) consists of 17 modules, over 200 different steps and dozens of strategies we use to promote homes. It’s hundreds of pages and barely fits in a 3 ring binder. This program cost us over $15,000 to develop and anyone trying to do it without our proprietary software and skilled staff it would cost them…well, they couldn’t.

No one else does more.

4. Poor Communication

One of the top seller complaints is that after the agent “gets the listing” they are never heard from again except to ask for price reductions.

We guarantee to speak with you every week and we provide 4 reports monthly with real time notification of everything we do.

Our Virtual Kitchen Table – paperless process including online contract signing and “No Cleaning. No Travelling. No Pressuring” Virtual Listing Presentations is available 24/7 and saves you time and stress

5. One-Size-Fits All Listing Programs.

Are you unique? Does your life have particular stresses that do not need to be enhanced by selling “too low and too slow?” Doesn’t it make sense to customize your listing program to achieve very specific goals and protect your finances?

We offer “Customized Listing Programs” including:

  • Confidential Listing for Celebrities, CEOs, and Athletes.
  • International Marketing for Distinctive Luxury Properties
  • Up Sell Your Home Listing Program
  • Short Sale Solutions Program
  • Auction Program
  • Corporate Relocation Program
  • Builder Custom Marketing Program

Please. Every agent is being told there is big money in Short Sales by “gurus” who “certify” them for a few hours of “guru’ing.” The only people who can really assist you with a short sale are specialists who work daily with national lenders.

Only these specialists know exactly what each different lender at the bank will want to allow a distressed sale.  Our Fox & Roach team has a dedicated staff  that do this day in and day out. There is no one better equipped to help you close a short sale.

What does all this do for you?

It helps you Sell Your Home for the Most Money, Faster, with Less Stress.

What next?

Discover the details on our website videos and downloads.

Connect with our research team if you’d like to see how these issues apply to a specific home or situation.

Consult with us via a Zero-Pressure Real Estate diagnosis session if you want to see if we are a good fit for you.

The first step is easy. We’re friendly. You can just call (610) 831-8138.


James Harner