couples in retirement

Perhaps you never thought that you would get married in the midst of your retirement – but then, you happened to meet someone who turned your life upside down. Now, you’ve got some major decisions to make as you bring your lives together. For instance, if you’re thinking about selling your current home to move in with your new spouse, you can turn to the James Harner Group. Furthermore, these tips will help you work through some other considerations you might have as one-half as a newly married couple in retirement.

Deciding Where to Live


Maybe both of you own property, but now, you’d like to live together – and you’re not sure where you should settle down. Think about whose house is better suited for aging in place, and which community you would feel most comfortable in. You can also consider how close you’d like to be to your families and what kind of medical care you need access to in your area.


Combining Your Finances


When couples marry in their twenties or thirties, they typically choose to combine their finances in some fashion. Even if they maintain separate savings accounts, they will usually have a joint checking account to pay their bills. But if you marry in retirement, you might be apprehensive about completely combining your finances. Talk to your spouse about different strategies that you could go with. You may want to simply keep your finances separate, and split important bills 50/50.


Choosing Insurance Policies


Figuring out how to handle various forms of insurance in retirement can be complicated, especially if you marry in your golden years! If you’re unsure of how your health insurance policy will be affected after getting married, you may want to meet with a financial advisor who works with senior clients. Furthermore, you might want to make sure that your new spouse is covered by a long-term care insurance policy. LTC Tree states that in some cases, you can add a shared rider to your own long-term care policy so that your spouse will also have access to coverage.


Starting a Business Together


After talking to a financial planner, you might have come to the conclusion that while you’re both prepared for retirement, it couldn’t hurt to have some extra income, too. That additional cash flow can ease any financial worries. By starting a side business, you’ll be able to spend more time together! In order to advertise your business, you can design a Facebook ad. By using a Facebook ad maker, you can create professional ads with your logo, brand colors, and fonts.


Creating Shared Routines


You’ve been leading your own independent life for years – and suddenly, you’re with another person, day in and day out. Even though you love your spouse, this new arrangement does bring some challenges!


In order to adapt to your different circumstances, The Goodista recommends talking about your habits before you move in together. What kinds of routines does your partner already stick to? What habits do you want to keep up? Do either of you have any non-negotiables? It’s important to have these discussions so that you can respect each other’s boundaries and preferences after moving in together. You don’t want to be stepping on each other’s toes during this adjustment period!


Getting married in retirement might have come as a surprise to you! But love can sneak up on you unexpectedly, and it can happen at any age. If you found “the one” and decided to marry in retirement, these tips will help you navigate this life change.


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