Uncommon Experiences. Extraordinary Results.

James Harner and his real estate team are tech savvy, marketing and negotiation geniuses who worked their a&^@a off to make us at least $10,000 more and 75 days faster than we thought possible.

What do you do?

The James Harner Group of Berkshire Hathaway- Fox & Roach Realtors Exclusive “Up Sell Your Home Listing Programs” are considered the Ultimate in “customer focused premium real estate marketing” catering to and solving your specific problems, achieving specific goals identified together. Guaranteed. We deliver:

5 Star Real Estate Customer Service

Suppose that the Ritz-Carlton Hooked Up with Zappos. That’s the James Harner Group’s standard for customer service.

1. 4.6% Higher home owner profit from using our Up Sell Your Home program listing services vs the competition, how does an extra $11,000 in your pocket sound?

2.  43% Shorter sales cycle from ” Listing” to “Sold” , how about  90 days less hassle to your personal and professional life sound? 

3.  98.6% (Our Listing to Sale Price Ratio) vs 90.8% ( the competition), how does 7.8% higher sale price sound to you?

4. Our Easy Exit Listing Guarantee, YOUR 100% SATISFACTION or FIRE US says it all!

Prospective Clientele become exclusive recipients of our “Who’s Helping Who? Insider Secrets of Real Estate Agents” Report – including Frauds, Lies and Unethical Scams.…The Real Truth ‘WHY’ According to the Harris Poll®, Real Estate Agents Rank ‘DEAD LAST’ On the List.


Who do you serve?

Special Needs Housing

Dr. Esperanza Ingersoll-Weng and her son, Gabriel, who has Down syndrome. Gabriel is now a 14 year old 8th grader at the Strathhaven Middle School.

We serve a group of discriminating home owners interested in exclusive real estate representation for client confidentiality, Ivy League  pricing research for greatest accuracy,  Fortune 500 integrated marketing for the best results.

Customized listing programs are available to all persons including those with special circumstances; not limited to those with children or adult family members with special needs (disabilities), owners facing a Hardship like Divorce, Death of a Loved One, Short Sale or Foreclosure.

We are in the People business and strictly adhere to all Fair Housing Laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Where do you work?

Liberty Place Condos for Sale

Liberty Place Luxury Condos are in high demand from professional athletes and celebrities associated with Philadelphia’s booming film and television production industries.

  • Suburban Philadelphia
  • Center City Philadelphia
  • The Main Line Communities
  • Berks, Chester, Delaware,Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties

Why is what you do effective?

Prudential Fox and Roach - PFR Real Estate Agents

The wrong purchase or sales strategy can destroy your finances and your life. Our private investigations of agents and sellers protect you and give you an advantage.

  • Ivy League Home Pricing Research
  • Fortune 500 Integrated Marketing Systems
  • Highly Effective Harvard Negotiation Strategies
  • Elite Fox & Roach Partnership
  • Risk Free Service Guarantee

How do you work?

  • Limited Number of Clients
  • By Referral (Almost Always) or Client Interview
  • 24/7  online transaction management with live status updates
  • Virtual Kitchen Table Communication
  • (almost) 100% Paperless Transactions

Do you provide guarantees?

Confidentiality Matters. First Rule of Fight Club, “We do not talk about Fight Club.” Shhhhh. Tell no one that you are buying or selling. Never discuss what you are doing on social networks or give details to your neighbors.


1. We do what we say we will do with our Easy Exit Guarantee, or your can fire us, it’s that simple.

2. Confidentiality (Particularly Important for Celebrities & Executives)

3. Exclusivity: It’s in the Best Interest of Sellers or Buyers (No Dual Agency)

4. Consistent Weekly Communication

Can I investigate you?

Sure. We are on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In

Curious? Concerned? Call James.
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