How Do You Work?

So many families were hurt in the real estate bubble….the James Harner Group is raising the bar.

Buying or selling a home at the best price by the date you want with less stress is difficult. Your real estate agent needs to have great skills in unique specialties:

  • neighborhood and block histories
  • housing stock, zoning, construction
  • finance
  • data analysis
  • contract law
  • traditional marketing
  • internet advertising
  • negotiation
  • mediation
  • — a degree in marriage therapy and family counseling is helpful.

Do you know any one in any industry that is good at all of those things?

Neither are most agents. In fact, in Pennsylvania an agent only needs 60 hours of classroom training to get a license and instructors frequently joke that what is taught might keep them from getting sued but otherwise won’t be very useful.

Furthermore, the average agent nationwide closes only 7 transactions a year earning about $15,000 net which is a recipe for selling out their clients best interests out of desperation to “get the deal done” and take home commission.

Raising the Bar

Our solution was to develop a “Blue Ocean” business model based onthe  “uncommon experiences and extraordinary results” desired by our affluent clientele.

We studied hundreds of top performing agent teams and brokerages, the best statistical models of economists at Ivy League universities, and the internet marketing strategies of top consultants like Jay Abraham and customer service standards of Fortune 500 companies like Ritz Carlton and Zappos.

Then we built the best of what they do into our business model.

Compare the following to what you probably have seen 99.9% of agents and brokerages do.

  • Confidential Home Search Engines
  • Uniquely Tailored Programs for Unique People
  • In Depth Local Market Research
  • Fortune 500 style Marketing and Presentation
  • Paperless Agent Process to Simplify the Process and Eliminate Waste
  • 5 Star Customer Service Standards

Of course to provide these high standards, our agents specialize in one discipline of real estate, either Buyer representation or Seller representation and only work with limited number of clients.

  • Sellers
  • Buyers

Considering Hiring an Agent?

  • If you are facing short sale or foreclosure then our Distressed Property Team is your best bet.
  • If your situation warrants and he is available then James can help you personally.
  • If we aren’t the best for your situation then we’ll help you evaluate and hire the best local expert or agent in the USA or overseas real estate consultant through our private global referral network
  • Even if we aren’t taking on new clients right now, we want to help you protect your future, finances, and family.

So, are you just browsing or months away from buying or selling?

  • Even if you aren’t ready to hire our website has loads of “truth & lies” information that can protect you.
  • Our consumer education team can show you everything from credit repair company secrets to how to evaluate a new home builder.
  • If you want to know the TRUE value of a property – your current home or one you are considering buying – you can contact them as well.

Making these resources available to you even if we are unable to be your agent/broker team is our commitment to consumers and transforming the real estate industry.

Discover what we do and compare us to other agents or brokers.

The Difference is Clear.

Then reach out. We can help. (610) 831-8138