Mission, Vision, Values

The James Harner Group is pioneering new ways of protecting buyers and sellers through solid hard work, traditional values and cutting-edge technology.

Real Estate is the kind of industry where business acumen isn’t a requirement and consequently most agents just don’t have it.

OR worse, the unethical ones mimic the worst cut-throat kings of Wall Street.

The James Harner Group was founded on a simple question:

How can we protect and serve buyers and sellers better than any other real estate team in the country?

The answer started with our mission, vision, and values – statements that are often lost in the pursuit of profit by many companies.

Our Foundation


Our Mission is to help our real estate clients live happier lives by buying and selling homes at the best price, more efficiently, and more easily.

Our business is NOT about “property.” It is about you and your family living happy, stress free lives and just loving your home.


Our vision is to transform the real estate industry by proving that a “good” business can do good business.

Our Values

Our values are not hauled out in planning meetings and then shoved in a drawer to die, but rather guide every decision we make.

1. Care: We care about other people.

All of our home buying, home selling, and business management processes are focused on helping clients and professionals live happier lives. We only work with motivated people and only hire caring people.

2. Protection: We put a stop to real estate industry practices that have hurt many families.

Personal financial pressure on the average agent often forces them to not act in the best interests of their clients. Real estate consumers are often misled by media reports (and even historically by NAR.) Our goal in any market is to dominate that market to ensure that buyers and sellers hire us when appropriate or are referred to an experienced, ethical agent who is a better fit for their situation.

3. Guidance: Real estate consumers need guidance that is not provided by most agents who take the narrow position that their job is to sell houses.

This narrow focus does a disservice to many families – especially first time home buyers. Most people benefit from our “team” approach and “family asset planning” process where the home purchase is coordinated with mortgage planning, insurance protection, tax planning, wealth building and retirement planning – as well as helping relocating families develop relationships with their new neighbors and community services.

4. Relationships: We work with people we like and people who like us.

While many agents hide behind anonymous forms and glamour photos, our website and initial in-person meetings allow potential clients to know who we are as people – to see if there is a good fit – before hiring us. Long after our business is done, we stay connected through print, phone, email and social media like Facebook. Our role in providing guidance that contributes to their long-term happiness and success motivates us.

5. Efficiency: We don’t believe in wasting clients’ time or money – or ours.

Every thing we do from our website pages to in-person meetings, to online transaction management is conducted to achieve specific goals as efficiently as possible. People who find us online or invite us to listing presentations, discover that we don’t “sell” them on hiring us. Our programs are second to none so we don’t need to. We just “show” what we do. You decide.

6. Transparency: While not every client wants to know everything, “educated” clients make better decisions.

Clients willing to learn are able to make better decisions and more likely to respect and appreciate what we do. We encourage clients to learn exactly “what we do” and “how we do it” via in-person meetings, transaction management software, online video, webinars and seminars.

The Result

This business vision, mission and values gave structure to our business model – who we are and what we do; illustrated in detail on this website.

James Harner Group
Uncommon Experiences. Extraordinary Results.

The James Harner Group is a unique team of real estate, research and marketing professionals with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Fox & Roach Realtors.

Our abilities to dig deep into real estate market statistics, the quality of homes, numbers of buyers in any price range in any community, and even the backgrounds of sellers, buyers, and their agents – sets us apart from traditional real estate agents and brokers.

Our approach to helping buyers and sellers is creative, very detailed, practical and fast. No other real estate broker, group, or team does more to market homes through traditional, internet, and social media advertising. None.

  • Selling?  The benefits to sellers in unparalleled in the real estate industry — we show sellers how to sell any home within 59 days at 100% of listing price with a pricing strategy based on comprehensive research and an industry leading 110 point marketing plan.
  • Buying? For buyers, we can help them buy the the perfect home in the perfect location if it is available anywhere on the market, and at price and with a loan strategy that will save them thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over what 99% of agents and lenders typically offer.

Our clients include executives with Fortune 500 companies to first time home buyers who appreciate our no BS, fact-based, hard nosed investigatory work and who are willing to follow our step-by-step process that helps them buy or sell homes for the best price with less stress.

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