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“…has a global team that can reach retirement markets in Florida to International markets in Southeast Asia…”

Serving People Not Places

The local boutique brokers we previously worked with were limited: both in terms of geography and tools. Moving to Prudential Fox & Roach helped us on both those fronts but was still too narrow.

Celebrity, CEO and relocating buyers come from all over the world. Sellers need the ability to advertise to them. Have you or someone you know considered retiring to Florida, California, and Arizona (where property is dirt cheap) or Texas where the job market is strong?

James Harner Group Reach

  • The Main Line
  • Delaware, Chester, Montgomery Counties
  • Centre City Philadelphia
  • “Snow Bird” Retirement Markets: Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas
  • Relocation Markets: Seattle, Boston, NYC, DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago
  • International Markets: Western Europe and the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, and Japan
  • Middle East

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