First, I write my own bios. Second, I have a list of accomplishments that even I can’t believe.

In order not to come off too “braggy” I’ll probably leave some of my accomplishments out of this bio as well. Just know, I am not afraid to fail or take action. I’ve only had a 1 job with a salary in my 30 year sales career. I’ve always worked hourly + commission or just straight commission. I’d venture to say when I came from the womb I was born a sales marketer, see I’ve been in sales since I was 13 years old.

I am a purpose driven and I build what I NEED;  to that end I created James Harner Group LLC. I built the first real estate brokerage of it’s kind: A Real Estate Agent/Investor owned cloud based real estate brokerage built for 21 Century real estate consumers. We are real estate investors, first and foremost. We believe real estate investment is the single greatest wealth opportunity that exists for the average Joe American. After all, who doesn’t want to own a piece of something “REAL”? This website will provide you with the real world resources you need to get real estate deals done efficiently and cost effectively. Even if it’s your first home sale and your looking to maximize your equity to “move-up” into a larger home, the bottom line is….  We know that your home is still the single largest investment you probably own and we treat you and your property with the utmost respect you deserve. Over the years We have skillfully honed the real estate craft to a fine art, perfecting the skillsets of several areas (appraisal, asset protection, contracting, marketing, property management) all needed in real estate to cut costs, increase efficiency and most of all increase your PROFIT at the end of the day. We continually successfully navigate around the pitfalls of costly home repairs, staging your home, ie.. making ready to sell, clearing Deed and Title problems, We skillfully negotiate every turn like an air traffic controller, bring you to settlement safely. If your in the rental property game like we are, our Property Management services handle your headaches like rent collection gaining possession, city inspections and violation notices, repairs and maintenance requests, evictions, etc. are no problem for us as its all in a days work for us. Rental properties is a critical part of our real estate portfolio. Isn’t it time you just sit back and Collect, let us manage your rental properties in 2019 and beyond?

Read our blog or  our facebook or Instagram page, watch our YouTube channel to stay current with the happenings of James Harner Group in the suburban Philadelphia area real estate market.  Regardless of whether you’re interested in selling your primary home, investing in rental properties or retail flips, buying in niches like we do that leads to riches or simply want to stay well informed on the suburban Philadelphia housing market, let us be your total real estate resource!

Let me just say that I started out selling meat at Zerns Farmers Market ( rest in piece Zerns) at thirteen, quite a humble beginning. I became a record setting meat salesman and I still hold sales records just about everywhere I’ve worked. Because of my work ethic at the Clover Farms Meat Market, I was offered a job as a property manager trainee at age 16, by a successful entrepreneur who was a real estate broker and regular customer at the market. He watched me work for several years and saw my sales potential. He owned his own real estate brokerage and offered me to become his apprentice at a real estate sales/ rental property management/title company he owned. I accepted, within 30 days of working for him, I had made as much money as what used to take me 3 months at the meat market. I was hooked.

I did property management all the way up until moving to Washington State to attend UW. While in college I met one of the greatest promotional marketers of all time, Bill Graham and he offered me a job upon graduation with Bill Graham Productions. It was there I Learned unique approaches to product launch marketing, from one of the great marketers of our time. I’ll never forget the most important lesson Bill Graham told me. We were backstage at Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco, the band (Grateful Dead) was 3 songs into the first set, It was a Saturday night and Bill was relaxed. He turned and he put his arm around my shoulder looked me in the eyes and he said” Son, I’m gonna tell you this and the sooner you get it thru that thick skull of yours, the better off you’ll be in life. “Do the Shit outta what you LOVE, and only take advice from those who have done it better than you.” THat’s exactly how Bill lived his life.

However, Bill Graham died in a helicopter crash and the company was taking a different direction and I decided to move back to Pennsylvania to be near my family. I decided to partner with my brother and purchase a Door and Hardware company, we sold and installed high end custom doors. We were working with innovative architects such as James McCallister and builders like Toll Brothers and Irwin and Leighton doing custom design/ building projects from historic national park building renovations to gated luxury communities. I went from working for one of the top producing concert promoters on the planet, to working with some of the most innovative construction managers in PA.

In 2003 I decided to get my real estate license. I had never forgotten my days in property management, and I wanted to diversify out of Commercial Contracting. I wanted to build several income streams in real estate. I decided to get into flipping vacant rental properties to create passive rental cash flow, after all I had the property management experience. I had the contracting know how. I had the real estate license. Makes sense right? I thought so, and now it’s 15 years later. I’ve become a specialist in a few highly profitable investment property niches like Probate homes, Sheriff Sales and Real Estate Tax Sales. These niches are not simple child’s play like bank owned or pre-owned homes. They come with some serious risks that I have learned to navigate safely, the HARD WAY.. What I found was that no one had the answers to my problems.  I was tired of so called “realtor experts” who really only scratched the surface of the real estate world skill set I possess. In spite of my long list of business contacts, no one had the answers, so I had to figure out the answers myself.

During that span, I flipped vacant properties, managed the rehabs of these properties, cleared the titles, created asset protection entities and then rented the properties and managed the rentals. I flipped some retail homes too. Make my share of mistakes, but I learned fast and only made the mistake once, NEVER twice. I now had 3 streams of income; Rental property,Listing Agent Sales and Retail Investment Flips. I learned a TON, got my real estate appraisers license and wrote a couple of books about all the knowledge I had gained in real estate investing and selling real estate, Up Sell Your Home and a 2 years later I followed up with “Real Estate Investing Secrets” . I’ve become the expert that I needed in my real estate investing business, and as it turns out the same thing the real estate market needs today. I freely share my knowledge, as I believe it is the single greatest empowerment tool available to each of us. If you desire my skills, then hire JHG for all your real estate needs and learn from me. Experience is the best teacher.

During those 15 years I’ve sold over 800 properties totalling  over 160,000,000 in real estate sales volume. I’ve worked in several big time real estate brokerages including Prudential Fox and Roach and Keller Williams Realty. Both companies controlled my inventory and my income. Both brokerages poached some of my best agents, stole my listings and told me how I could market myself. They changed my commission when they felt like it depending on who did my settlement services( most brokers want all the affiliate settlement services not just the real estate sale commission, but title insurance, homeowners insurance, mortgage, settlement services. I got tired of the doublespeak. In 2017, I  left Keller Williams Realty, as I saw the same inherent flaws in the KW business model. I found a business model that addressed all of the flaws of KW. so I started my own cloud based real estate investment brokerage company and partnered with EXP World Holdings LLC. I knew I could bring innovation to real estate.

I continued to build on my successes and expand my knowledge base to all areas of the real estate buy/sell/investment game to become a real estate authority without equal, I have gained prolific experience and I wanted to teach what I learned. Which is how James Harner Group was born. I decided I wanted to share my success with others. This would allow me to reach more people and help real estate investing change more lives.

That’s exactly what I did. I left a cushy real estate brokerage and started REALLY helping real estate owners WIN BIG!





My first book helps homeowners navigate the the homeselling maze and get a Fair Shake all the while, Achieving Amazing Results with my “Up Sell Your Home” strategies presented in the book. I designed a home selling system that routinely achieves an 18% higher sales price in ANY real estate market and on any property! . What you’ll read in the book” Up Sell Your Home in Any Market (hyperlinked to book for sale on this website)”  is highly controversial “hush-hush” information that I’ve witnessed from being a lifelong insider, behind closed-doors in the world of real estate. See, I love helping people. I’ve achieved great success buying and selling and increasing my net worth through real estate. I can show you how and give you simple steps to follow and achieve the same results with my Up Sell Your Home Marketing System.

See, the industry itself is not respected, and as you’ll read, for good reason. I suspect you have a good hunch as to why that is true. As an agent, the number #1 reason I hear from people, hesitant to get involved with an agent is: Lack of trust. Undoubtedly, you to some degree or another fall into that same category, I don’t blame you. And while this book has put me in “hot-water” and “at odds” with many of my peers for “airing their dirty laundry” – I am confident it will help you better protect yourself, from being ripped-off, scammed, lied to and cheated in your next real estate transaction. …I explain why in the book.

With over $92 million in real estate listing sales to my credit, success in the Suburban  Philadelphia real estate listing field is a direct result of my lifelong mentorships in these various specialized disciplines all related to total mastery of the Real Estate domain. Learning unique approaches to product launch marketing, from some of the great marketers of our time, James Harner Group has brought innovation to real estate marketing.  Now I help homeowners and real estate investors from all fields across all industries protect their real estate assets and make the most money flipping, selling and renting real estate investments.

As a consumer advocate, former Realtor Association Board president and an active participant in the “Raise the Bar” discussion, held by a Guild of Master Real Estate practitioners, I understand from the highest level of acuity what high level real estate mastery and excellence is. The point of defining the Craft is to be able to judge one real estate professional vs. another in terms of skills and techniques that a consumer might not know enough to articulate, but could certainly understand the difference in skillsets.

Being artfully versed in accurate property appraisal, residential construction costs, property presentation, professional photography, creative copywriting, promotional marketing, pricing analysis and the art of skillful contract negotiation, give James Harner and his Group of professionals give distinct advantages over any other Real Estate practitioners available. Integrating extensive first-hand investor experience in the local market  as a top listing agent actively listing and selling daily; with the newest cutting edge Agent cloud based business technologies & social media features to engage the public in first class real estate promotion. You are invited to judge our level of craftsmanship against any available.

With more Salesman of The Month plaques than I can count. It’s crazy to think of what all I’ve done from just taking action and working hard.

James Harner Group is an one-source real estate resource for those looking to live and breathe real estate investing. We sell e-learning products, real estate asset protection, real estate rental investment opportunities, Realty marketing, as well as mentoring select individuals and holding live investor events. James Harner Group can help you achieve financial independence, with less stress and MORE enjoyment of your life.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

This website is full of awesomeness. Don’t forget to sign up, read my blog posts and emails and of course buy my products. You’ll find no fluff here and only time tested knowledge, books, reports, products and services gained through real world real estate investor experience, not slick rick BS.

I’m James Harner CEO of James Harner Group and I look forward to serving you!