Buying the Wrong Home, in the Wrong Neighborhood, at the Wrong Price Is a Life Altering Mistake.

How we help you begins with what we stand for…


We help you buy the perfect home, in the perfect location, at the perfect price with less stress and wasted time.

5 Star Customer Experiences

  • Helicopter & Limo Neighborhood Tours
  • Live Streaming Video Tours of Properties
  • Written Guarantees

Blend Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, and Apple and that’s our 5 Star Customer Service standard.

Specialization and Expertise

You get more from our huge team of specialists of Street Smart Local Investigators, an Ivy League Research Group, a Global Multi-Lingual Marketing Team in 10 countries.


Today’s 5 Star Service also means Virtual, Fast, and Efficient. No paper! We use the Ipad almost exclusively. Electronic Zip forms, Box.com, DocuSign. TransactionPoint, 24/7 txt Chat. Google Plus Hangout video. Skype.


We love helping people buy and sell homes and will always be doing what we love. In contrast, 30-40% of today’s Realtors won’t be in the business a year from now. Our group goes far beyond even the quality of Hollywood boutique brokerages. Outwit… Outplay.. Outlast! Keep reading to see how.

“Real estate transactions involve huge amounts of money and families’ futures. James Harner is one of the few examples of a real estate broker treating home buying and selling like a pharmaceutical company product launch rather than the typical ‘let’s go see some homes’ silliness.”

How does this work?

Exactly what do we do that Guarantees You will get the Perfect Home in the Perfect Location at the Perfect Price?

1. Home Search : No Agents, No Ads, No Spam, No Hassles.

2. No Pressure – “Are We a Good Fit?” In-Person or Online Conversation

  • We listen to what you want and uncover what you need (even if you don’t know it.)
  • Demonstrate the Details of our Guaranteed Perfect Home, Perfect Price Process via Online Webinar or Virtual Meeting.
  • Decide if we are a Good Fit. Both of us have to feel comfortable and be on the same page.Refer you to another Agent (if we aren’t a good fit for you)
  • Online – Transaction Management & Communication System

Then we go through a Step-by-Step Process consisting of the following tracked through an on-line project management system so you can follow what we are doing every step of the way.

3. Locking Down on What You Really Want and Can Afford

  • Detailed Lifestyle, Goals, and/or Real Estate Investment Planning Interview
  • Rent Vs Buying Assessment (NYT Chart)
  • Buying and Selling at the Same Time Strategy (When Applicable)
  • Financial and Loan Planning Analysis to Assess Your “Affordable” Price Range
  • “What Do You Really Want” Homes Comparison and Checklist (everyone on the same page)

“We were shocked that an agent would tell us…maybe it isn’t a good time for you to buy. James..optimized our budget …. and found the only nice condos that were available in our price range in the buildings we wanted to live in.”

4. Customizing Your Home Buying & Property Purchase Program*

  • Exclusive, Confidential Purchases (Celebrities, CEOs where Privacy is needed)
  • Relocation
  • New Construction
  • First Time Buyer
  • Foreclosure/ Short Sale
  • Move Up Buyer
  • Down Sizing Buyer
  • Real Estate Investment
  • 1031 Exchanges

“Our first home purchase involved jumping in a Realtor’s car and making an offer on the first home we really liked. We’re a lot smarter now and realize that James Harner is one of a select few Realtors that offer different kinds of purchase strategies specialized for our needs.”

5. Finding The Perfect Home for Your Lifestyle or Investment

  • Instant – Just Listed – MLS Alerts
  • Done for You – More Home Choices Research
  • Agent Insider Email
  • Craigs List Scan
  • Foreclosure Team Insider Alert
  • Short Sale Scan
  • Luxury Home Insider
  • Custom Video Tours for Relocating Buyers
  • Meet the Neighbors – Block-by-Block Review
  • New Construction Architect & Builder Quality Screening
  • World Famous Home Buyer Tour (Helicopter, Limo and Lunch)

“We had no idea that Trulia and Zillow don’t have all the homes for sale that are available and were shocked to learn about the scams on Craigs List.”

6. Financial House in Order (This Actually Begins Long Before Making an Offer)

  • Credit Repair ( For best mortgage and insurance rates)
  • Monthly Budget Analysis
  • Loan Analysis for Lifestyle AND Finances
  • Guaranteed Closing – Lender Pre-APPROVAL Process (Trident Super-Solid)

7. Getting There First

  • 100% Agent Confidentiality Terms Created i.e. Agent Keeps Mouth Shut
  • No Dual Agency- We ONLY represent YOU, unlike 99% of realtors
  • Rules of the Road Established i.e. How to keep your poker face When Visiting homes, Open Houses,etc.
  • “First to See It” Showings

“We lost two of the homes we really wanted that we had heard were coming on the market because someone else got to the sellers before they were listed. So, we switched to James and got the home we wanted.”

8. Determining the Value and Offer Price

  • When a Home is Selected
  • Seller Disclosure Review
  • “How Bad to You Want It” Realty Check
  • Property Value Assessment
  • Ivy League Price Analysis (the same 101 pt. analysis that we do for Sellers)
  • “Who is Your Competition?” Statistical Analysis
  • Seller Scoop Investigation
  • Social Media Scan
  • Neighbor Door Knocking
  • Seller Loan & Equity Research
  • Agent Private Investigation
  • Review of Agent Sales Record
  • Review of Agent List Price vs Sold Price Statistics
  • Water Cooler Scoop From Other Agents
  • Open House Attendance Monitoring

9. Offer and Negotiation

  • Offer Strategy- No PAPER! Electronic Contract Immediately received.
  • Price
  • Terms
  • Inspection
  • Possession
  • Negotiation Strategy- Court room style strategies
  • Confidentiality
  • Fast vs. Slow Response
  • Bad Cop vs. Good Cop
  • Inspection Leverage
  • Appraisal Leverage
  • Home Warranties
  • Guaranteed “No Surprises” Closing- 24/7 Online Transaction management software ( Transaction Point )
  • Title Company Monitoring
  • Lender Daily Communication
  • Interest Rate Monitoring
  • Insurance Completion
  • “No Mistakes” Closing Document Education & Analysis
  • Home Warranty set up

10. Celebration

  • “Done for You” Complementary Concierge Services (per requests)
  • Utility Transfer
  • Contractor Referrals
  • Moving Notices Sent
  • Party Scheduling & Notification
  • Return address labels sent to you
  • Post Settlement Housewarming Party
  • Monthly “Zero Buyer Remorse” Check-Ups
  • Financial Investment & Retirement Planning Team (when applicable)
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James Harner Group
Uncommon Experiences and Extraordinary Results. Guaranteed.