Early Bird Listing Program

Early Bird Listing Program

Get Multiple Offers on Your Home Within 48 Hours

Early Bird Program_400What we call the Early Bird Listing Program is designed to help you get multiple offers on your home within 48 hours of putting it on the market for showings.


As a consultant to large real estate companies I’ve watched hundreds of thousands of online home searches and thousands of buyer leads come into real estate websites. On average, people are looking for homes 6 – 9 months and often up to 2 years BEFORE they are ready to buy.


What we do is create a big list of people who want to buy in your community, on your neighborhood, on your block – and even who want your specific home. We stay in contact with them, and then when you are ready to sell, wham, they all come through your home the first day it’s available, and if the price is right you may get multiple offers.


The really cool thing is that sometimes we’ll drop hints to the people that seem the most interested in your house, how many other buyers are interested, and they’ll want to cut a deal BEFORE you even go through all the hassle of cleaning it up for showings.


A lot of times they’ll pay a little more, and they don’t even need an agent. You just agree on a fair price and settle quickly with no stressful negotiations. In these situations, I’ll often ask the listing agent who I’m working with to drop their commission from 6% to 3-4% so you keep more money.

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