Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Guaranteed Sale Program

Your Home Sold in 40 Days or We’ll Sell it For Free!Guaranteed Sale Program

The only way I could really feel comfortable and confident in having the ability to supply this exclusive guaranteed 40 day sale system is after years of perfecting one of the most productive advertising and marketing programs around the real estate realm. After all, I did write the book on it!

I’m so confident in our marketing and advertising strategy and sales systems that it NEVER varies, whether you’ve got a smaller sized country cottage or luxury main line estate, our 40 day guaranteed sale program outperforms any other strategy available, it flat out works!


Certainly one of the greatest dilemmas when promoting any home is deciding whether or not to employ a real estate agent or attempt to sell it your self.


Hiring the incorrect real estate agent is risky simply because your house could finish up sitting around the marketplace for any extended time without having an acceptable offer or you may be forced to sell and compromise your bottom line to a great extent (ASK ME for A COPY of MY BOOK as PROOF). You might even end up owning two residences or none at all! Nicely, our Guaranteed Sale program solves this dilemma.


Once you list your property with our group, you could get our written assurance that we’ll sell your present property at a value and time frame acceptable to you or we are going to buy it or sell it totally free – your choice. Naturally, you will find limitations and this system just isn’t practical for all situations. In contrast to the typical investor, my objective isn’t to own your house, but to sell it for essentially the most money the market will bear.

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