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The James Harner Group may well be the premier home advertising and marketing group in the entire real estate industry.


With cutting edge software, dedicated marketing experts and ruthless tactics than no one else can match, James Harner Group specializes in promoting properties in the same way Apple promotes a new iPhone launch. We sell the fastest for essentially the most money, within the least amount of time, and with ZERO stress, anxiety and aggravation.


This really is not just talk, we’ve got the statistics to prove it!


The James Harner Group’s team of listing experts are recruited, trained and dedicated to only listing homes. We are the listing authorities in Pennsylvania. In fact we have sold more than 98% in the properties we listed inside the previous 12 months!


This really is why we’re ranked the #1 residential home marketing Professionals in PA by Bloomberg News. We make use of essentially the most revolutionary and aggressive applications anywhere to provide YOU the ultimate in marketing results for your home sale.


Our 40 Day Guaranteed Sale System is world renowned! For more info on these programs see the other pages under the sellers tab. Make sure to navigate our entire website and check out the wealth of research, details and resources.


Make certain you read and watch the testimonials from our RAVING FANS to hear it straight from people who matter most, our loyal customers.


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