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Many people we’ve met would love to get into real estate investing, but don’t have the ability to start on their own. For that reason we created Harner Group Properties. We make real estate investing easy, affordable and practically risk free. We all know that it is difficult to find BMV deals (below market value), but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible, in fact we have perfected finding and acquiring them.

We have been in rental property management, remodeling and the real estate investment space for 25+ years. In that time we have perfected the process; acquisition, asset repair and  asset management we have all bases covered in house. We enjoy a low acquisition and renovation cost. Our monthly overhead is low due to our virtual office and our management costs are substantially slashed by Cloud based tenant and owner collection/payment/tracking systems.

Harner Group Properties has acquired, rehabbed and currently manages over $1,500,000.00 of privately held, debt free real estate in Montgomery, Chester and Berks counties. Through an LLC portfolio, this innovative real estate investment group was created to solve the fundraising problem of court ordered sales by crowd-sourcing our financing. We provide every investor with with exceptional quarterly returns on their capital investment -12% to 15% return to be exact, on a minimum 5,000 dollar investment, and UP TO 15% dividend return on investment for a 250K Investment.


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“My Buddy Told Me Over and Over to Call James, because he helped him get started in real estate investing” James I truly appreciate the opportunity to invest in Harner Group Properties. I know I made a money and I had piece of mind knowing I didnt have to lift a finger, except to collect my check from the mailbox. You treated us like a million dollar VIP client, even though we started out investing only 5 thousand with your group. The qualities of patience, responsibility, and caring are far too rare and you have them all! It’s great to find somebody who truly cares about the people they work with. Thank you for making real estate investment so easy! – Mike Brower, Gulph Mills PA


Sold in 31 Days for Full Asking Price “James and his team took what was an overwhelming experience for us, due to our last agent’s failure to sell our house.  He broke the selling process down into 7 manageable steps and gave us a checklist to follow every step of the way. Thanks to James we sold our home in 43 days for our asking price.” – Joshua and Christina Torres, Phoenixville PA


“the Absolute Best Home Marketing Materials Best I Have Ever Seen” James was not your typical salesman by a long shot. He never tried to sell us on anything He showed examples of his professional marketing of other homes like ours. His honesty and knowledge of real estate marketing was refreshing and made our home selling process go exceptionally smooth and stress free. He worked diligently to properly market our beautiful home – Mark and Kelly McGaughlin, Wynnewood

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Investing in real estate can be very profitable if done correctly. Unfortunately, most individuals lack the capital necessary to make a significant investment on their own and can be daunting for someone who knows little about real estate investment. Remember, a good investor doesn’t need to run the daily business of property management. It is probably the main reason most fail or never get into owning real estate rental properties is the perceived hassle of owning them. We’ve systematized it in a cloud based Tenant and Owner web portal, streamlining the entire process and substantially cutting the cost of managing the portfolio. We make real estate investing easy for our investor partners.

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