WARNING: Unless YOU Have Secured a Land Patent; YOU Really Don’t Own It.

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People think they own their land, but unless they have the Land Patent they don’t really own it.  Most people today obtain “Real Estate” by contract and then on fulfillment of the contract they transfer control of land by “Special Warranty Deed”. If you understand the importance of property you are likely to realize that gaining control of all our property is the equivalent to gaining control of our lives.:Misuse of power . . . made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state.


Did you know that there are over seventy forms of deeds, all under “color of law” which means The appearance or semblance, without the substance of legal right. However, a “Warranty Deed” is merely a “color of title”; and, color of title can mean: that which in appearance is title, but which in reality is no title at all. It is important to note that when in contest a Warranty Deed cannot stand against a Land Patent.  


In the history of this county no Land Patent has ever lost an appellate review in the courts.  As a matter of fact in Summa Corp. v California, 466 US 198 the Supreme Court ruled forever that the Land Patent would always win over any other form of title.  


If you haven’t secured your right to your land by its land patent, you may be abandoning your right to your land and any prior owner with lawful right to the land patent could secure it to themselves and evict you off from the land you thought was yours.

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