Philadelphia Real Estate Agent says” Millions of Americans are worried about the housing market.”

worried home sellers

This month, approximately 361,916 people are either buying or selling a home in the USA. Unfortunately, they are often being lied to by the “uninformed” in the real estate industry – and (very often) these lies told to sellers cost billions of dollars per year in lost home sale profits and hours of unimaginable anxiety and unnecessary stress.

Are you ONE OF THE MILLIONS fed up with the traditional way of selling homes? Perhaps, like me, you contacted a big name Real Estate agent, listed your home for sale, and then waited. And waited. And when it did not sell, it was somehow your fault and the only solution offered was to lower the price.

“If this sounds all too familiar, then this book is written for you, says James Harner, Philadelphia Real Estate Agent and a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in marketing everything from $20 dollar jewelry to 20 million dollar luxury real estate.““I felt compelled to provide this information to the public, no one else in the real estate industry is talking about this”, says Harner

The Top 7 Real Estate Industry Lies

Lie #1. “The [city, regional] Market” for home sellers is improving.”

Truth: Only a partial truth, but this fact doesn’t matter in the general sense it is portrayed in the media. James can show with statistics how the “micro-markets” of school boundaries, neighborhoods and even price ranges and specific types of housing within those small areas can vary wildly from the bigger market, “location is everything” says James.

Lie #2. “Your home will sell.”

Truth: Up to 55% of homes in most markets do not sell. This can be calculated easily using the absorption rate but most agents don’t know how to do this, ignore the truth, or don’t reveal it because they don’t want you to decide not to try and sell your home. Even worse, most have sold so few homes (the typical agent sells less than 3 per year) that they do not want you to ask about their specific sales record or learn the truth…

Lie #3. “You might have to lower the price to get it to sell.”

Truth: Almost every agent uses price as the only tool to market your home. For example, the average number of price reductions in the Philadelphia area is three (3) and that’s even more scary when you consider the truth about how much money you will lose in the process…

Lie #4. “Average days on market is X days so your home should sell by then.”

Truth: The Days on Market (DOM) is horrifically misleading because it doesn’t account for the homes that are NOT sold (see above) and manipulation by agents who take houses off market and then put them back on so buyers don’t think there is “something wrong with that home since it’s been on the market for so long.”

Lie #5. “Your home will sell for the listing price or a little less if we have to negotiate a bit.”

Truth: The Final Sales Price of homes can be as low as 75% of the original price – again, after all those price reductions and months on the market longer than sellers were lead to believe. Smart agents may tell you what this “average discount rate” is – as a way to get you to prematurely lower the price of your home (you’ll see why this is a bad idea later.) However, to know what your home will really sell for you have to dig into their results, know your home’s “micro-market” and other factors described in Lie #6…

About the value of your specific home…

Lie #6. “Your home is worth _____ to _____.”

Truth: The home value estimates given by many agents are wildly inaccurate – up to 25% too high or too low, in fact they can make a CMA ( real estate speak for comparative market assessment ) say just about anything they want. Most agents are trained to use less than 9 comparable properties, which means a large margin of error.

Lie #7. “Let’s list it at this price and it won’t hurt to lower it later.”

Truth: The average agent sells only 3 properties a year, just wants to list your home and will say what you want to hear to get the listing. The plain truth is most agents were only were trained to use PRICE as the method to market your property. “Don’t Do It!!!” , says Harner, “I’ve discovered a proven and repeatable marketing system, backed by research, A revolutionary concept to selling homes for up to 18% more money in any market, than an traditional Philadelphia real estate agent.”

There is an alternative to this outdated mentality.”

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