Appealing Your Pennsylvania Property Taxes

How To Appeal Your Pennsylvania Property Taxes

Last year, the James Harner Group helped Pennsylvania homeowners reduce their home value for Property Taxes by a cumulative $2 million dollars. This means, on average, they saved $833 each. We’ve designed the following tools to assist you in appealing your property taxes.

Not sure if you should protest your property taxes?

The importance of the property assessment appeals process often goes overlooked by homeowners, and especially by owners of newly constructed homes. Owners of new homes have seen their property assessments lowered by thousands of dollars through the assessment appeals process. It is important to note that the assessed value of a property often does not mirror the true market value.

The appeals process is usually straight forward, and involves a home owner providing the county tax appeals board with recent market data (neighborhood home sales, appraisals, etc.) regarding their home’s value. Based upon a short hearing and the documentation provided by the property owner, the board will determine a fair market value for the property. The board then applies the appropriate Common Level Ratio (CLR) to the fair market value to arrive at the new assessed value.
Complete the form at the bottom of the page entering the specifics about your home (beds, baths, square feet) and we’ll email you an interactive market snapshot report specific to homes like yours in your neighborhood.
You should strongly consider an appeal if:

  • The values of properties that are selling are lower than your assessed value.
  • The condition of your home is below the condition of homes that are selling for the same as your valuation.
  • You purchased a new construction home recently.

How do I appeal?
For detailed steps and the necessary forms to submit your appeal, click on the appropriate link:
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How to Appeal your Property Taxes in Montgomery County Pennsylvania
How to Appeal your Property Taxes in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

The Montgomery Countywebsite has a lot of comments and questions about the tax appeal process, so check there for many frequently asked questions.
How do I get a more in-depth home valuation? Fill out this form, we will help you!

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As your hearing approaches, or if at any point, you need more detailed market comparisons, contact us for a comparative market analysis. It is our pleasure to provide this free service exclusively to the members of our James Harner Group Real Estate Network.

Testimonials from Property Tax Appeals

I just wanted to thank you and James Harner for your help with our tax protest. We had our informal hearing today and we were able to reduce our appraised value by $30K! I think having all the sale comps and data you provided helped to show we had done our homework.
Great news! We got our house level, which was rated higher than the other homes (inappropriately), down to the level of the other houses on our street. They went down to $455 from $492. Your help was absolutely invaluable!!!!! Thanks so much.

I went into my informal hearing with information on sales from 2008 and the information that you provided for 2009 through June this year. I was able to show them that homes sold for considerably less that what their appraisal value was. It took about 15 minutes and they ended up lowering my taxes by about $1200 per year right then and there. I think because I had all the information to prove my case I was able to get it taken care of really quickly. So… I don’t even have to go back for the formal hearing. I can’t thank you enough for the information you provided!

I just wanted to let you know that I had my Montco tax appeal formal hearing today and was able to get my appraisal down from $265k to $230K! I’m not sure how much of a savings that will equate to as far as the property taxes, but regardless, I believe this is way more in line with what it should be. Thank you so much for your help! Your advice and the comps you supplied me armed me with the facts and the confidence I needed to successfully present my case.
If You would like help with the appeal process, We are well versed and can guide you on the steps needed to successfully appeal your Pennsylvania property taxes.
Fill out this form and we will contact you regarding your appeal.

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