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The Warren Buffet Approach to Real Estate

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“Like Buffet himself, this approach goes against all conventional practice.”- James Harner

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard about “The Warren Buffet Approach” to selling real estate… it’s a 7 step methodology proprietary to the James Harner Group. Recently, Warren Buffet’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway bought our brokerage and to celebrate we are giving away free copies of of James’ controversial book “Up Sell Your Home in Any Market™ which is based on Buffet’s investment philosophy AND invite you to a special home sellers webinar. Keep reading…

Do you want the truth about selling your home?

book-cover1_buttonOur proprietary “Warren Buffet Approach…” differs dramatically from every “Joe Schmo Home Selling System” out there. You already know how that dog and pony show goes. You interview 3 agents starting with the agent who sold you the house; Peg comes over on Tuesday; Joe comes over on Wednesday; Bobby comes over on Thursday… and this continues.

When you’re done interviewing agents, inevitably and unequivocally you come to the conclusion –  all these Realtors are virtual clones of each other. The main difference is that they work for different real estate brokers. All used the same “one size fits all approach” to real estate marketing in their listing presentation. They all sat at your kitchen table the same… and told you “what they thought” you wanted to hear.

Don’t you deserve better?

Almost every agent does the same thin Price Analysis called a CMA (Comparable Marketing Analysis.) The agents basically compare your home to several others in the neighborhood and school district. And, then they all tell you…

Malvern PA real estate

This Malvern home had 7 offers and sold for more than asking price.

…the same thing e.g. that your home is worth between X and Y…. then…they asked for the listing, agreeing to whatever you said to get it signed.

Warning! No matter who you choose – regardless – the same thing happens. They list your home for sale, then wait, and every 30 days… come to you begging for a “much needed” price reduction until it sells… costing you thousands. Not to mention, makes you near suicidal over your decision to have chosen “that” agent…

Price Marketing Costs YOU Thousands of Dollars.

This “price marketing” practice puts the burden of selling your home on YOU and is used by virtually every agent (except us!.) Over the years, we have received hundreds of emails from frustrated sellers who ask, “Isn’t there a better way!?!”

Paoli PA Homes for Sale

This Paoli Home Sold in 9 Days!

This is why we took to studying the World’s greatest investor, Warren Buffet, and his investment philosophy, to develop a revolutionary 7 Step approach to selling our clients homes. I even wrote a book detailing our findings called “Up Sell Your Home in Any Market“, and then I created a home selling program that strictly follows Warren Buffet’s philosophy.

…In our analysis, you’ll discover Warren Buffett’s critical 7 steps  we reveal to selling homes 57% faster, for up to 18% more money and without the frustration others are currently facing.

We found that no real estate agents are educating homeowners how to maximizing their home’s value, by treating your home as an investment through a Value-Driven Approach. We discovered that by doing so there is a unique way to extract up to $30,000 or more of additional profit, from almost any ordinary home on the market.

Our Proven Repeatable System Consistently Guarantees Results

In my book UpSell Your Home in Any Market I’ll show you how a proven and repeatable system, backed by market research to consistently achieve these kind of results. Everything you need to know is contained in my new analysis and you will discover:


Unique Radnor home sold for $16,700 more.

1. How this approach was developed…

2. Why it’s so powerful…

3. The type of results you can expect to achieve…

4. The main reason our clients tell their friends and family members about this unique approach.

WARNING: The answers provided are not typical Realtor “BS”  or those spewed by the real estate propaganda machine. Lies don’t help you and your family make sound decisions. The truth will.

Discover detailed (and Shocking) Answers  to “Side Step” the Profit-Killers.

Do you want to discover how these principles apply to the sale of your home? Here are just a few things you need to know:

1. You, At Risk? – the single biggest threat, threatening your home sale

2. How to insure your home sells – in a market with no guarantees.

3. Use an Agent or Go it Yourself? –  Learn a simple formula to decide if you even need an agent.

4. PREPARATION – Will YOUR negligence cost your bottom line? Prepare now or pay later.

5. NEGOTIATION – Will YOUR lack of NEGOTIATION skills cost you? Discover them now before it’s too late or pay later.

6. CRIMINAL! – shocking “loopholes” in real estate laws that makes taking advantage of you –LEGAL.

7. Why is the Warren Buffet selling approach so unique? Won’t every agent do the same thing to sell our home?

8. What makes the Warren Buffet selling approach so successful? Would you like to achieve a 15% higher net profit?

…. and much more.

You can research this unique approach, free of charge, from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

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Based on attendee feedback, I promise this will be well worth your time.

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