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Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Short Sale Solutions_400Short Sales are a BIG part of today’s real estate market, and Short sales often get a bad rap, but in many cases, they can represent a true win-win-win situation for all parties, including the seller, bank and buyer. A buyer purchasing a short sale gets a great price on the property, the seller avoids foreclosure, and the bank avoids foreclosing on the property which saves them an average of 18% expenses and a potential blighted property.


What is a short sale?


A short sale is when a homeowner or a third party representing the homeowner negotiates a discount on the mortgage payoff from the lender. This amount paid to a bank or mortgage company satisfies the original note for less than what was borrowed, without further judgement against the homeowner.


This happens when a homeowner owes more money to banks and/or lien holders than what their property can currently sell for. In order to sell their property that is “upside down” in equity, the bank must agree to accept a lower loan payoff amount for the property than it is actually worth. This is typically done when a homeowner is behind on their mortgage payments and facing foreclosure for various hardships.


This type of real estate transaction is far too complicated to trust to an agent who lacks short sale experience. James Harner has personally negotiated over 100 short sales himself, in fact 25% of all of our real estate transactions are short sales. Together with our short sale negotiation affiliate, Short Sale Solutions, we have a 98% success rate in negotiating a lower payoff amount and closing the deal!

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