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This property is known as “The Lovely Bones Home “.

The Lovely Bones

Welcome to the Lovely Bones Home

This home and the Paoli Gardens neighborhood was featured prominently in the film “The Lovely Bones”. The motion picture, a film adaptation of Alice Sebold’s best-selling novel~a writer, also from Malvern PA~was directed and screen written by Peter Jackson.

The Lovely Bones Home

Quiet on Set

Fresh from his Lord of the Rings trilogy. Jackson, had complete creative control of this innovative film project, which is conveyed through a dreamlike lens to communicate a fantastical elegance of the afterworld and In early 2010, Steven Speilberg and Dreamworks Studios released “The Lovely Bones”,  This 1970s-era film launched the careers of Saoirse Ronan and co-starred Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci and Michael Imperioli

Filming in this home was done during October of 2007. Saoirse Ronan plays “Susie” Salmon, a teenager who goes missing on her way home from school. Susie’s family in the movie lived in this home., In addition all her friends and her killer lived all around this home in this idyllic neighborhood . In the film, Susie watches over her family from the ~In Between,~ what might be better understood as purgatory, and narrates what happens to her family after her disappearance. Stanley Tucci, a New Jersey native was nominated for his riveting Oscar performance in The Lovely Bones. The home itself, situated on a unique peninsula lot,

The Lovely Bones

View from the front door of neighborhood

serves as the hub of the neighborhood with views that encapsulate a large portion of this Paoli Gardens neighborhood~its the overwhelming reason why it was chosen by Peter Jackson for the film. More fascinatingly, the home also houses the memories of a family who was swept away into a Hollywood fantasy when movie scouts approached them on the front porch one summer evening in July 2007. The director’s artistic vision for the film, is to rewind the viewer back to a quieter time, the 1970s to this idealic main line Malvern neighborhood of Paoli Gardens to tell this tale. Over the course of the movie, many exterior scenes were shot in and around this Malvern Pennsylvania neighborhood, at the Bryan Avenue and Queens Avenue intersection, which was the Salmon’s fictional home in the movie. The farm scenes where Susie~s body is discovered occurred at an abandoned farm in Chester Springs, PA. Other scenes were filmed around the Delaware Valley in locations like Granite Run Mall.The movies~ centers around Susie Salmon~s family home and the close-knit, quiet suburban neighborhood where the suspected killer also lives, just down the street. The neighborhood was restored to that 70~s look and feel aesthetic for filming and much of the film focused on Susie~s family in their home.

The Lovely Bones

The neighborhood during filming

The interior scenes were mostly shot on a studio sound-stage;, however, the family dining scenes were shot in the home.  The exterior of seven neighboring homes around Susie~s home were revamped professionally to lend that same 70’s feel. Susie~s home received additional exterior details such as a brick back yard patio, which the owners use to this day.The vintage 70~s brown wall oven from Susie~s home was purchased by the studio and used for the kitchen scenes with a camera often placed right inside the oven for a unique kitchen scene perspective.

The Lovely Bones

The Oven Removed for Filming

Susie’s home was even professionally landscaped by an internationally known landscape architect for the film.

All are welcome to attend the open house on 02-23-2020 from 12 til 4pm and sample Betty Seeley’s home made chocolate chip cookies and earl grey tea, in the same was she served them to the cast and crew during filming.


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