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Chapter 2:  Airing The Dirty Laundry
My best tips for selling your home…….Please listen closely. Here’s what you must understand because knowing this and never forgetting this will save (make) you a lot of money and eliminate mountains of frustration in your next real estate transaction:
“Real estate agents are 100% commission based salespeople.”

This means that if they don’t close deals, they don’t get paid. Zero, zippo, nada, income. I’m no anthropologist, hell, I’ve only ever been a salesman myself, but the only thing I can think of why this happens is – maybe it’s got to be some kind of hardwired “Survival Mechanism.” Regardless though, of why it happens, just know it happens – and you have a serious need to protect yourself. So before you go down to the local discount “real estate agent in a box” superstore and select your agent off the discount shelf, let’s actually dive into some of the things you need to be aware of in today’s changing times.
The real estate industry is changing drastically, and all the old rules are changing with it.What used to work is simply not working any more. You’ve heard the sayings “Dog eat Dog” and “Look out for #1”… My best tips for selling your home are to encourage you, in your real estate transactions, to do the same. In my opinion, greed really only amplifies the unethical characteristics of already shady and immoral people. But desperation, which is pandemic right now among agents, sadly, is a different beast. As I’ve witnessed lately, has the power to motivate even the MOST ethical people (agents) into doing, seemingly totally out of character, unethical, immoral, and disgusting things – things they’d never normally do.

Against popular belief, maximizing your profit IS NOT only about selling your home for more money. It IS minimizing the “loss” of falling victim to unethical, ill-qualified, and incompetent agents bungling your home sale. This is one of the most underestimated mistakes homeowners fall prey to, and one of my tips for selling your home to maximize your profit at settlement.

I utilize the competitive art of power negotiating with every available technique and device against the buyer and buyer agent you can ensure to maximize your profits on your home investment as one of my silver bullet tips for selling your home.
And of course, because every transaction has two agents you must know how to protect yourself from both sides, knowing the “scams” they pull. I know this book, like Richie Roberts keeping the $1 Million in unmarked bills, has made me public enemy #1 to the real estate community “…for airing their dirty laundry” – but hey, this why our clients trust us so much, why we have been able to get such amazing results! And why they happily refer their friends to our proven Up Sell Your Home Program. So, if stepping on a few “political toes” upsets some folks, earns me “hate mail” from the crooks I expose – Oh well!
Whether you realize it or not, the biggest threat to your real estate sanity isn’t the market – it’s the ‘moral compass of your agent!” It’s no secret that real estate agents have an unshakable reputation for shady deals, dishonest stunts, dirty tricks and monetary shenanigans, remembering this is one of my best tips for selling your home.

George Orwell once said, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Consider this chapter my revolutionary act and I am offering big tips for selling your home, in my new report ( get your copy below).

Here’s why . . . Maybe you’ve heard the story of Frank Lucas, maybe not. Chances are you know who Denzel Washington is. He played Frank Lucas in a Movie a called “American Gangster,” does that ring any bells??? In the early 1970’s Frank Lucas was a kingpin in the Harlem drug scene. He controlled the market with a product he called “Blue Magic” where he imported pure heroin from Vietnam in Military cargo planes carrying the deceased bodies of American servicemen and women. He cornered the market in the U.S. He retailed and wholesaled and “chopped it down” only slightly before selling it on the streets. Having no transportation costs at all, thus affording him the ability to sell heroin that was twice as pure for half the cost, thus eliminating the competition from the marketplace. He began selling it to organized crime nationwide; he became the first kingpin of the drug trade.
Now there’s more to this story . . .

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Russell Crowe was also in “American Gangster,” playing detective Richie Roberts, one of the few honest cops NOT “on the payroll” of any of Harlem’s drug lords, or even Frank Lucas. While other cops were “shaking down” drug dealers for cash, accepting bribes to turn a blind-eye, Richie’s honesty, made him public enemy number one. Instead of keeping nearly $1 million of unmarked bills, he turned it in. Other cops saw him as a threat. He couldn’t be trusted.
Richie could have cared less. He hated corrupt cops. He hated them more than the heroin dealers selling the “Blue Magic.” And as Frank Lucas’s empire grew, the more of these cockroaches appeared from the wood work, looking to cash in. Lucas hated this, hated them. In fact, when Richie finally brought down Lucas, the two, obviously on opposite sides of the fence, cooperated to nail their common enemy: corrupt NYC detectives. In the end, and nobody would have expected it, three quarters of NYC’s Drug Enforcement Division was arrested and convicted.

Unethical, immoral, cheats, liars……nobody likes them.
And while that same sentiment is true in real estate, concerning unethical agents, I’d appreciate discretion. This book, like Richie turning the nearly $1 million of unmarked bills, puts me the line of fire in providing these tips for selling your home.
…………But it won’t stop me from offering more tips for selling your home.
You see, nobody likes to admit corruption in their own “precinct.” Do you think the NYC Drug Enforcement Agency ever commissioned their own internal investigation to crack down on their unethical detectives? No! Of course not. Why? Because it would look bad.
If not for Richie Roberts, catching Frank Lucas, and Lucas’s equal and general hate for these detectives, who knows how it would have continued?!?!? Because there are a few bad apples out there, my personal advice is to arm yourself with these tips for selling your home as much information as possible about the dirty tricks and scams these dishonest agents try to pull so you can spot them a mile away.

The problem is in knowing how to spot the scammers and what are the scams they try to pull is one of the top tips for selling your home.

That is why I’ve written this book – to give an account of the tips for selling your home and most common scams the bad apples like to pull so you can be on the lookout. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family when they find out that you have the insider’s secrets of the real estate business and tips for selling your home.
The Cold Hard Truth:
Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you better know what you are doing and how to “play the game” because if you get screwed, well, that’s your own fault. How can this be?  Now, I ask you, “Is that a fair and ethical way to do business?”

No. But you’re on your own… like it or not, accept it or not, acknowledge it or not, fair or not, that’s the reality of how this game is really played, and that is one of the best tips for selling your home, I can give you.

It’s wrong.

Take a Pro-Active Stance is one of the tips for selling your home, But that’s why it’s so important to protect yourself if you are fed up with the traditional way of selling houses, or should I say the traditional way of NOT selling houses. Do you own due diligence – and take it very seriously before choosing any professional representation in a real estate transaction. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. It’s your house, and it’s your money and that is one of the  great tips for selling your home.
Please do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting all real estate agents are bad people, unethical, or even guilty of one or more things in this report – but some are. I’ve witnessed it. And I suspect, like the three-quarters of the NYC detectives found guilty, it may be a higher percentage than you or I would ever think to guess.
Who knows? Maybe you’ve have your own horror story.
Maybe all this resonates a bit too close to home . . . . . cuts a bit too deep. I certainly know plenty of good families who have been negatively affected by an unscrupulous real estate agent.

Selling your homeIn fact, for this reason, is exactly why a good number of Philadelphia area homeowners looking for tips for selling your home, found their way to my Up Sell Your Home Program™ in the first place – to escape the “rat race” and risk of being put through the ringer.
And now with the current economic climate in the toilet and the real estate market the way it is, from my own experience, and what I’m seeing on a daily basis, it is only gotten (and getting) worse.
Generally, speaking I do not believe, as people say, “Money is the root of all evil.” I believe, in fact, money in the right hands can do much good. Look at Bill Gates. How many billions has he donated, how many people has he helped?How many schools has he funded to be built? AIDS medications has he provided? Computers has he donated?

Of course, and to be fair, every cloud with a silver-lining has a dark-underbelly. For every humanitarian like Gates there is ruthless, life-sucking criminal like Bernie Madoff, driven by greed. Who prey on the good nature of people for their own greedy gain? So you must ask yourself, especially now, when the market has contracted, the number of homes sales has declined sharply, in desperate times like these, where some 250,000 real estate agents nationwide, have already turned in their license since they can’t afford to continue practicing. They have been forced by personal financial pressures to leave real estate, and are now working at Wal-Mart and Target.
And if they don’t want to be next Wal-Mart greeter, what would make a starving agent making $20K a year want to tell you about the “deal killing” tips for selling your home revealed in this book? Do you really think, just because they “say” they have a fiduciary responsibility to you, as their client, that your best interests trump their own self-preservation interests?

The old saying rings true about desperate times requiring desperate measures.
Please understand that in Pennsylvania that it only takes 60 hours of required educational coursework to qualify to take the state and national real estate exams then 14 hours of continuing education every 2 years to maintain a real estate license. The bar is set so pathetically low; you don’t even need a high school diploma as a prerequisite to successfully become a real estate agent. In fact, the college degree I earned from the University of Washington in Marketing didn’t even count in any way towards my real estate licensing requirements. You gotta love that a high school dropout is given equal consideration to a matriculated PAC 12 grad with a BA in marketing in the eyes of the Real Estate Commission. Just sign on the dotted line, pony up the licensing fee, take the 2 classes, pass the test with a 70% proficiency and that is it, welcome to the wild, wild world of real estate sales. Choose your agent wisely or suffer the consequences, which is one of my best tips for selling your home.
One word applies: PATHETIC!

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