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    • Use and Agent or Go FSBO?
    • Preparation is Key to Successful Selling.
    • Researching the Competition.
    • Secrets to Effective Pricing.
    • Quality Marketing is a Necessary Evil.
    • Finding a Market Expert (if you must!)
    • Cooperation.
    • Negotiation.
    • Real Life Examples.
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My name is James Harner, and I am Batman (more about that in a minute). I am the leader of a marketing revolution in real estate. I live by the “No Fear” principle in my life. I am the man, who other real estate agents, brokers, pretend experts and marketing gurus will knock as unfairly competing, yet will rip off and blatantly steal my original ideas and concepts, then repurpose them to appear as original ideas. I am 100% self-made and largely successful due to my own self-determination. I am a seeker of the truth and I am willing to share it in print.


I am Batman


I have long battled the Joker and the Riddler, enemies of the people using my superpowers of observation and action. I am also ….. no one special. I am a flawed human just like the rest, with just as many mistakes to my credit as successes. I have sacrificed a great deal to write this book. This book is intended to pull back the curtain and reveal the truth behind the lies of many real estate agents and brokers in residential real estate, aka the “Wizards of Oz”, who dispense advice to homeowners causing continued failure and frustration to homeowners. Those agents and brokers advice is, at best, ineffective, at worst, criminally misleading and destructive. Yes, I am Batman.



I gather you’re already forming an opinion about me.  Maybe you are sufficiently interested to see where this book is going to lead you. What I can promise you is – by the end of this book – you’ll either passionately agree with me and want to continue your relationship with me. Or, you’ll passionately hate me. Either way I am fine with your decision.  I’m here to tell you the unabashed TRUTH about real estate. I am not so disillusioned to think for one minute, the truth I present, will be respected by all. In fact there is probably a real estate broker somewhere sipping an overpriced latte, “hating” on me and thinking of rousing a lynch mob of brokers to silence the arrogant a-hole who has written this book.


So what’s the truth? If you’re reading this book, you are probably considering selling your house.  You bought the book because you’re doing research prior to selling or a friend was a real estate agent gave it to you to help you during what is often the most stressful part of an already stressful time: packing up your life into a truck and moving.

I’ll be honest.  What you’re about to read was not originally intended for you.  It was intended for professional real estate agents.  What I found out is that most professional agents, for the most part, don’t get it!   What amazes me is that consumers-people actually selling their homes-did get it!  And why don’t agents get it?  Because it flies in the face of all the training they’ve received since they became agents.  That’s right, the public understands it, but the professional folks do not!  Makes you wonder….

As someone who has bought and sold many homes personally and helped hundreds of customers successfully sell their homes, I’m willing to bet you have only two primary objectives in your upcoming sale.

  1. To make the most money you can.
  2. Sell your house in the least amount of time.

Right?  I thought so.

The unique selling approach I’m about to share with you will accomplish both of your objectives.  It has a proven track record of selling houses in roughly half the time (57%) and selling for up to 18% higher sale prices.  The sellers who have used my Up Sell You Home Program averaged 3.9% more money at closing than those sellers who don’t.  That’s Your NET profit.

Today there are over 2 million real estate agents in America, so I guess you could say that there are 2 million ways to sell your home.  But the truth is that there is really only one way that is taught by the masses to the masses:  selling your home by the price method.

There is an alternative…..

I am about to teach you how to Up sell Your Home.    In this book we’ll explore the two different methods at length and discuss how they differ and how one of them will yield far better results and make you more money.  I bet you’ll agree that this is the best way to guarantee top dollar for your home….

Ironically, I first discovered this method of selling houses as a seller and not as a real estate professional.


About the Author

James Harner Group - James HarnerJames Harner – Author, speaker, globetrotter, syndicated columnist, real estate broker and team leader of The James Harner Group, James Harner is not your typical real estate guru.

In an industry dominated by negative public perceptions- where real estate agents are often referred to as undertrained and overpaid, this particular real estate agent runs a “homeowner friendly” outfit and helps area homeowners increase the profits from the sale of their home substantially.

Unlike many of today’s “experts” Harner is personally involved in the real estate business on a daily basis. His business objective is to leverage the power of technology, social media, efficient systems and motivated people, resulting in superior results for his clients. He provides home sellers with a proven and repeatable system, backed by market research and consistently sells homes for up to 18% more money in 47% less time than traditional real estate agents.


Read more about James Harner here.


What People Say About the Up Sell Strategies

Sold in 56 Days After Being on Market for a Year with Another Bonehead Agent

“After another Realtor failed to price my home correctly and could not get the job done, James sold my home at asking price. Oh, and James managed to close it in 56 days. It was previously listed for over a year with the other knucklehead. Since then James has brokered 3 additional sales for me” Janyse Madsen, Blue Bell PA



“Burned By Our Own Stupidity Til We Found his Certified Pre-Owned program”

“We were trying to navigate the murky waters of selling our home ourselves (because our first experience with a different Realtor was so bad!) and it became obvious we had no idea what we were doing, then we had an aha moment! After doing some online research, we found some great reviews about James on Zillow.com. We asked for his help and he delivered a sale at 98% of asking price in 31 days David and Heather Scidurlo, Upper Providence PA

“…..I NEVER Thought James Could Sell My Investment property So Easily.”

“In a nutshell, James was fantastic. I moved to California and left all the details to selling my investment property to James.  I was the listing agent for over 2 years and had no luck selling it. I never thought selling this property would be easy. James was on top of every issue that came in the way, he communicated with me weekly and managed ever detail with the utmost efficiency and skill. Sold in 48 days. The End.” – Andrew Seitz, Schwenksville PA

“Your program helped Us prepare our home to get the most money possible”

Hi James, just wanted to say thanks for helping us sell our home so efficiently. The time you spent with us asking the right questions and listening and taking notes was priceless. Your 13 step process explained every step of the process and we couldn’t be happier now that we chose you to represent our home. You proved to me that selling a home doesn’t have to be a painful or scary experience and we will certainly recommend you to anyone we come across who needs a Realtor they can trust to put a family’s needs first and foremost above selling something. – Joe and Kathy Pelly, Wayne PA

“The Absolute Best Home Marketing program I have seen”

“James was not your typical salesman by a long shot. He never tried to sell us on anything He showed examples of his professional marketing of other homes like ours. His honesty and knowledge of real estate marketing was refreshing and made our home selling process go exceptionally smooth and stress free. He worked diligently to properly market our beautiful home. Thanks again James, continue to recommend you to all of our friends, family and co workers.” – Mark and Kelly McGaughlin, Wynewood PA

“Never Again will I worry about losing money in negotiations”

“It was very apparent from the moment I met James that he had our best interests in mind. He took as much time as we needed to explain every aspect of the negotiation process and addressed all our concerns. We could tell that he really wanted to make sure that we were comfortable. He was able to use his knowledge of negotiations to make sure that we got every last penny we deserved in the negotiations with the other agent and buyers, even when the buyer’s agent threatened to walk away, after the home inspection. He is a top negotiator and we will only use him.” – Walt and Bonnie Trainer, Bryn Mawr PA

“My college buddy told me over and over to call James, because he helped him”

“James I truly appreciate the time and care that you have taken in our difficult divorce related sale. I know you made a commission on the sale, but you treated us like a million dollar VIP client. The qualities of patience, responsibility, and caring are far too rare in today’s society and you have them all! It’s great to find somebody who truly cares about the people they work with. Thank you for making my difficult divorce home sale so much easier! Cheers and good fortune to you!” Walt Fazler, Ardmore PA

“James Harner is not your typical real estate agent by a longshot”

“My wife and I have always been cautious of real estate agents due to several bad experiences in the past. After meeting with James over a cup of coffee, we immediately felt at ease. I could tell that he was an honest agent, when he told shared with us the Real Estate agent secrets report he wrote. We would fully endorse James is a great realtor, he certainly went above and beyond for us and got us the absolute best sale terms we could have hoped for. He’ll get all our business and friend referrals in the future.” – Jeff and Candice Berlin, Gladwyne PA

“A rare bird in today’s real estate world”

“My wife and I have been impressed with James from the first time we met. From our initial conversation to settlement James did marketed and negotiated our interests with skill and integrity and always treated us as one of his most important VIP clients. He was never too busy to take our calls and of all the real estate agents that we have dealt with, James is the only one that we would recommend to one of our friends or family interested in selling their home for top dollar.” – Don and Jennifer Shoenfeld, Phoenixville PA

“James demystified the selling process and made it easy for us to understand”

“We had never gone through the home selling process before and we really weren’t sure what to expect. We had done some research on homes values in the area but everybody we talked to just seemed to make us more confused in the process. We found James through his website, which is different than all the rest and he immediately was able to shed some light on our situation. That first meeting he asked the questions that needed to be asked, but no one before seemed to care! . I bet we pocketed at least $9,000 dollars more by following his Up Sell Your Home program.” – Joe and Cheryl Terreri, Pottstown, PA

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